2021 Postal Match

The Wait Is Over!

Ok, so the facts are I dropped the ball.  I’ve been so busy trying to make the GFDS Match Support a success that the postal match kept on slipping…. slipping… into the future.  Well, wait no longer, here we go.


The GFDS Postal Match is designed to be a level 1 local match set up the same all across the nation, and world, with the results combined to create a national result.  The stages have all been set up and measured with pictures and explanations to try and make the setup as identical as can be accomplished.  We include the PractiScore match file which must be used to ensure the results your club creates can be included.


Please talk to your local clubs about setting the match up so we can get the biggest pool of shooters yet.

For those clubs that have played our game before we have simplified the acquisition of the Match Booklet and PractiScore instructions with a link to a folder containing everything you need here.

You will still need to email us at GFDS.BillD@gmail.com to get a copy of the .psc file.

If you are new to the postal match or have a registration/stats person that has not done this match before please use the same link above but pay close attention to the “How To Postal” .PDF.  That has critical information to ensure your match goes off without a hitch, is included in the results, and you post your own clubs results seperately.  (Hopefully under your own club’s name this year).  We had a number of duplicate “GFDS Postal Match” matches show up in PractiScore last year.

PractiScore makes this match and so much more possible.  It is a free app and a powerful one at that.  While this match costs the clubs and shooters nothing more than your normal match fee we request that you consider getting a paid subscription.  It helps keep the app awesome and growing as well as lets you add your favorite sponsor tag to your profile that shows up next to your name in the results.

Click the logo to go to the subscription page

Along with the match book we also post the SketchUp file used to create the layouts for the match.  This is a free, interactive, web based 3 Dimensional representation of the stages. 

Click the logo to go to this year’s match