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GR Sift Gun Case (Gun Cover)

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  • Practicality
  • Elegance
  • Resistance
  • Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty *

Protection and safety for your pistol

In order to keep the shooter’s pistol covered and protected from natural elements, Guga Ribas brings the GR Soft Gun Case. For practicality, the cover can be used in conjunction with the GR Universal Holster for Pistol, forming a safety system that allows the shooter to remove them at the same time from the belt along with the gun without touching the equipment or changing the settings of the holster.

This model guarantees more resistance for outdoor competitions where there is a lot of dust, frequent handling and risk of fall.

  • Attention: The GR Universal Holster for Pistol, when used in conjunction with the X-Tent, fits only in the large size GR Soft Gun Case.
P 19cm x 27cm S 7,48” x 10,63”
G 22cm x 32cm L 8,66” x 12,59”

* The GR Gun Pistol has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product, so it is important that the customer contact us to analyze each case.

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