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Ghost View Video - 2020 Area 8 Championship

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Ghost View Video is a great way to learn what you need to work on to improve or trash talk your buddy's lack of skill. Purchase of this option will have us pull your match video and overlay your selected comparison with your run from beep to ULSC.

If you compare your video with a friend, you will both receive a copy. Other options will be to compare yourself with a division winner or stage winner. They will not receive a copy of your video unless they want it. In either case we will require them to fill out our permission survey allowing us to use the video before we can provide it. Delays will be to that and full refunds will be issued if we do not get permission in a timely manner.

We will not use your videos from the matches we attend for any purpose other than what you purchase without your permission. Purchase of this video does give us permission to provide the video to the other party you are comparing against.

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