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HHDG Aviators - Plus GFDS Trucker Cap

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That's right, we are now a dealer of our favorite protective eyewear for the range and at home. While we are not the only source for them, we are the source that will offer the (only available here) Go Fast Don't Suck Trucker Cap with your purchase.

These classic Aviator style frames boast a removable protective side shield so you can be stylish off the range while safe on. The frames have a 56mm Wide lens with a temple of 140mm. The Large frames have a 48mm high lens and a 16mm bridge. The Small frames have a 45mm high lens and a 15mm bridge.

The Hunters HD Gold (HHDG) are fast becoming the standard range eyewear for champions and casual shooters alike. Take a look around on the faces of some of the top competitors and you will see these lenses. The Medical Grade Yellow tint is designed to give you crisp clarity and contrast. The lenses are photochromic, which is fancy speak for they darken in sunlight. That'll let you stick with the same face gear all day long even is the available sunlight changes due to weather or overhead cover. All of the lenses from HHDG are a Trivex lens with an anti-reflective coating. This makes them stronger, reduces glare while improving vision, and reduces eye strain all while being thin and light. The HHDG gear is made in good 'ol Alabama, USA and are OSHA Safety Protective Eyewear Rated.

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