2021 Postal Match Results

2021 Postal Match Results

The 2021 Postal Match suffered a late in the year release. Thankfully there was a handful of clubs that managed to get the match on the ground and we had 882 results included.   With cold weather, hiccups in the drawings, and results technical issues we were grateful to have that many. 

Below are the people we are listing for succeeding in not sucking enough to be recognized.  For a full list of Practiscore results please go to this link.

Thank you all for supporting us during these times and to our volunteers for agreeing to put the matches on.


Bill Duda
Owner and Dadmin
Go Fast Don’t Suck LLC

Carry Optics
323 Shooters

Winner – Donny Hudgins (M)
Almost (but not really) Winner – Cameron Templin (A)
2nd Loser – Jared Clanton (M)

Only Grand Master – Samuel Nelson (40th Place, SHAME!)
Top A Class – Travis Ward
Top B – Garret McLaren
Top C Class – Todd Fletcher
Top D Class – Anthony Sims Jr.


157 Shooters

Winner – Robert Krogh (G)
1st Loser” – Johnathon Miller (M)
3rd Grade – Matthew Robert Glen Bean (G)

Top GM – Robert Krogh
Top Master – Johnathon Miller
Top A Class – Bill Duda (HA!)
Top B Class – Dalton Baker
Top C Class – Zachary Myers
Top D Class – Josh Thomas
Top Jr. – Brendan Smith


Limited 10
16 shooters

Winner – Michael Curley (C) 
2nd by 4 points – Louis Scarborough (C)
3rd – Alex Zverev (B)


119 Shooters

Winner – Zack Cam (M)
1st Loser –Jake Dyer (M)
2nd Loser – Lucas Dina (A)

Top GM – Philip Hudock (24th)
Top Master – Zack Cam II
Top A Class – Lucas Dina
Top B Class – Levi Graves
Top C Class – Eko Ong
Top D Class – Paul Bolton
Top Jr. – Emily Hughston


92 Shooters

Winner – Rick Torres (B)
1st Loser – Derrick Allen (G)
2nd loser – Zak Cam (G)

Top GM – Derrick Allen
Top Master – Jason Clark
Top A Class – Dustin Chamberlain
Top B Class – Rick Torres
Top C Class – Billy Chau
Top Jr. – Nami Cannon


108 Shooters

Winner – Nick Yanutola (G)
1st Loser – Matt Chua (U)
2nd Loser – Chris Dewey (A)

Top GM – Nick Yanutola
Top Master – Calvin Truong
Top A Class – Chris Dewey
Top B Class – Luhong Wang
Top C Class – Ivan Velazquez
Top D Class – Ki Nam Choi
Top Jr. – Grace Grandourt


8 Shooters

Winner – CJ Lorusso (A)
1st Loser – Benjamin Fouse (G)
2nd loser – Peter Harrison (C)

Oldest School – Peter Harrison
Top Jr. – HA!  Made you look.


Single Stack
52 Shooters

Winner – Brad Olson (A)
1st Loser – Rob Chavous (M)
2nd loser – Carlton Jones (U)

Top Master – Rob Chavous
Top A Class – Brad Olson
Top B Class – Jason Karstedt
Top C Class – Dan Kang
Best 2 Werld Warz – Doug Lowe