2022 Postal Match

The Postal Match Season is upon us!

Remember:  email [email protected] for the PractiScore File NEEDED

Review the “How to Postal Match” PDF to understand how to administer it

Going on the 4th year we present the USPSA GFDS Postal Match.

This year I managed to release it on time then, due to technical difficulties, not update the website for the files until 17 days in.  SO, this match will now carry into July 31st to give everyone a chance to play..

For the first time ever, the IDPA GFDS Postal Match.

This year we pulled some local resources and put together a Postal Match for our IDPA fans.  It’s the same process you have come to expect from us.  5 stages to test your skills worldwide!  Let your local Match Director know you’d like to play and help set up this challenging match.

Coming Mid May... SCSA Postal Match

PractiScore makes this match and so much more possible.  It is a free app and a powerful one at that.  While this match costs the clubs and shooters nothing more than your normal match fee we request that you consider getting a paid subscription.  It helps keep the app awesome and growing as well as lets you add your favorite sponsor tag to your profile that shows up next to your name in the results.

Click the logo to go to the subscription page