Da Fuq?

We are a group of mediocre practical shooters that make fun of everything.  We noticed that others like our sense of humor so we began spreading our nonsense around on social media.  We have come into now owning a shirt design company and manufacture dry fire targets, match banners, and offer a host of other stuff in our store.


There Is A Store

After a short while people started asking us for stickers and shirts.  We obliged and have since expanded to include lots more nonsense to make you, and others, laugh.  There is also some useful stuff in there including very competitively priced match jerseys.

Why Is There A Store

Since we have a lot of experience with match management and playing in our favorite sports we try to find ways to give back.  Running a for profit store allows us to offer great prices for stuff matches already need.  Now they can spend more money on the match making them better for all of us.

The Origin Story

Go Fast, Don’t Suck (GFDS) was something a good friend of mine shouted at me one day as I was making ready.  I absolutely bombed that stage and got angry about the interruption to my thoughts before I shot.  After a while I found myself using the phrase as a sort of mantra to psyche myself up to do well.  I have moved this frame of mind into Social Media as a blogger handle to create memes to entertain myself and my friends.

I have a few contributors such as Chas Hartley, Stephen Van, Tim Perry, Dennis Solarsky & Billy Sargent.  So, not every mean meme that hurts your feelings is all me, but I will relish in your salty comments.

We have begun an effort to branch into some products to further finance shenanigans.  These should be fun to use and poke fun at your friends or showcase your fandom of our page.  We have begun raising enough funds to move into bigger stages of entertaining ourselves… err.. I mean you.

Thanks for taking time to check us out.

Bill Duda

Owner  & Dadmin