Sponsored Matches

Welcome to our Matches page. Below is a list of matches we will be involved with for 2020 and beyond. The company Go Fast Don’t Suck LLC. just got itself off the ground September of 2019. So we are trying to grow and offer a great package for events to help reduce cost. If you think your event could use a little less suck, shoot us an email at Orders@GoFastDontSuck.net and we will see what we can do for you.

Practical 2-Gun Championship - April 24-25

Maryland State IDPA Championship - April 30 - May 1

Texas Tee Time - May 1

Area 8 SCSA Championship - May 20-23

Staten Island Championship - June 11-12

Virginia State IDPA Championship - June 25-27

Trident Standby to Fly Benefit Match and Maine State Championship - July 16-18

Hoosier Daddy IDPA Tier II - July 25

Virginia State USPSA Championship - October 1-3


South Florida Defensive Challenge IDPA Championship - Feb 20

South Georgia SCSA Championship - March 26-28