2019 Postal Match Results

The 2019 Go Fast Don’t Suck Postal match is a wrap!

Thanks to the 40 clubs willing to put the match on the ground, and submit their results, we had 1,775 results to share. That is beyond what we thought this endeavor would ever achieve. The amount of fans tagging us and promoting the match really help drive those numbers up. We can’t thank you all enough.

Below are a few of the standings. A full list of the results can be found on PractiScore or by clicking this link. If you have the PractiScore Competitor App expect the download to take a little longer than normal. Even for some of the largest USPSA matches available this is a lot of data.

Again, thank you all for all of your support,

Bill Duda
Owner and Dadmin
Go Fast Don’t Suck LLC

Carry Optics

Winner – Jay Beal (GM)
1st looser – Ethan Howell (GM)
2nd Sucker – Dazhi Zhang (GM)

Top Master – Bill Duda (HA, SUCKERS!)
Top A Class – Aaron Koch
Top B – Noah Goodrich
Top C Class – Brian Byers
Top Jr. – Noah Goodrich


Winner – T.J. Kane (GM)
1st “wish that D was an A” – Michael Ennis (GM)
1st Sangbagger – Chase Rains (B)

Top Master – Doug Highlan
Top A Class – Steven Mosher
2nd B “Where he belongs” – Christopher Arace
Top C Class – Michael Harper
Top D Class – Joe Anguiano
Top Jr. – Conner DeGryse

Limited 10

Winner – Brandon Reynolds (M)
2nd again – Matthew Hemple (U)
3rd in life – Stephen Van (Admin #3)

Top Master – Only Master to Play
Top A Class – Bradley Miller
Top B – Dan Olschefski
Top C Class – Peter Donohue
Top D Class – Michael Nitsche
Top Jr. – Daniel Borovtsov


Winner – John Vlieger (GM)
1st local hero – Jake Dyer (M)
3rd by <1 point – Cody Baker (GM)

Second Master to Dyer – Eric Steiner
Top A Class – Alex May
Top B – Zachary Greenier
Top C Class – Doug Engstrom
Top D Class – James McCurdy
Top Jr. – Joseph Tyler


Winner (but is he really?) – Josh Froelich (GM)
2nd in shame – Jack Windes (GM)
3rd in stendo games – A.J. McCartney (M)

2nd Master to A.J. – Jason Clark
Top A Class – Erik Forks
Top B – Dylan Harper
Top C Class – Shawn Maloney
Top D Class – Scott Wilson
Top Jr. – Grant Weiler


Winner – Stephen Lutman (GM)
2nd in Limited 10 Minor – Joe Ornelas (M)
3rd, but only just barely – Tyler Turner (GM)

Second Master to Joe – Brian Fabian
Top A Class – Brandon Reynolds
Top B – Rich D’Imperio
Top C Class – Corey Mullholland
Top D Class – Zackary Stephens
Top Jr. – Bridget, Twomey


Winner – Shawn McKinney (A)
2nd fastest reloader – Mike Burgess (GM)
3rd, but no lost brass – CJ Lorusso (A)

Third A Class – Didn’t Show
Top B Class – Art Frisenda
Top C Class – Keith Sprague
Top D Class – James Mercer
Top Unclass – Donnie Stone
Top Super Senior – Art Frisenda

Single Stack

Winner – Kenny Platt (GM)
2 World Warz – Randy Arrowood (GM)
3rd skinny gun – Brady Hardin (A)

Top Master – Chuck Delaney
Top A Class – Brady Hardin
Top B – JayJay Limbo
Top C Class – Aaron Erickson
Top D Class – Matt Horvath
Top Jr. – Emily Lemons

The images above, where we could find them of the correct division, were collected from Instagram where GFDS was tagged. If you want the chance to be included next year, dont forget that @ bruh!