Spring 2020 Postal Match

The Spring 2020 GFDS Postal Match will run from May 1st through August 31st

Thanks to the Rona our initial timeline for the match has stretched out. The new deadline in August 31st and we are cancelling the planned Fall Postal Match.

Thank you for checking out our postal match.  This match is designed to be a National and Worldwide local  USPSA or IPSC match.  We will post 5 official stages for clubs all over the world to set up identically at a local match between March 1st and May 31st.  The combined results of those 5 stages will be shared on PractiScore for all to see.  This way you can see where you might fall in national standings without having to leave your home club.

Just like last time, we will allow the first two results from and individual in any two divisions to be posted in the final results. That way, if you show up to a club running it after you shot it already you can shoot another division and get the second score included.  No duplicate scores of the same division will count.  This is also not a prize or trophy match.  We are keeping the match free to competitors and clubs to promote the sports.

Club Registration Is At The Bottom Of This Page

NEW FOR 2020

  1. Sponsors!  Please check out our sponsors for the Spring match and be sure to like and follow them on social media for first view of the stages.

  2. 10Cap.  For those states with semi-freedom we are including a 10Cap category so you can directly compare your results to similarly handicapped competitors.

  3. IPSC.  We will be including a full write up for the IPSC community and a separate combined results to include our international brethren.

The Match Book has further explanation of the match and a full write up on the stages with pictures.

New to using the PS file or need a refresher?


We pulled together a sponsor per stage that want to help us support the sports and say thank you to the people that put matches on.  Please give them a visit, check out the products that they offer, and let them know we sent you.  We will be providing all of the sponsors with their stage design first.  If you would like to be the first to know what to work on, you’ll want to keep up with their social media and websites.  It will be available there before it’s available here.

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Ok, folks.  The only way to get the PractiScore file to submit postal match scores is to register your club using the link below.  We will send out the file via email for the duration of the match.  Registration is now open!

The registration form is checked at least once a week during the match.  If you need the file last minute or have problems with its use please email us at Orders@gofastdontsuck.net