Go Fast Don't Suck

The GFDS Postal Match

National matches are few and far between and expensive to attend. This is designed to be a national level 1 match for the

every day competitor to see where they stack up with participating clubs across the country.

GFDS will design 5 stages and make the PractiScore file available. Your club shoots the stages and sends the export file to our team. We then add your scores to the running results and BOOM.... you can see how you are stacking nationally without leaving the comfort of your home range.

The 2019 Postal match will keep adding results until Dec 1st.

Participation and interest will dictate if we continue the effort.

You can view the running results here:


You can view, and download, the 3D Sketchup file we used to design the stages here:


You Want In?

Let us know and we will email the practiscore file to you

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Should you not receive a reply with the file attached in 24 hours please reach out to us.